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Sun Labels is a proud family run printing company created to provide various businesses with unique and quality labels


Labels might be the LAST thing on your mind, but they are the FIRST thing we think about. Talk about a symbiotic relationship that will STICK!

Founded in 2010, Sun Labels was created to change the way labels are made. Instead of a black and white, rigid process, we are dedicated to keeping the end-user in mind, and well, let’s just say we LOVE a little colour.

With a background in private label co-packaging, right from the start of our journey, we had an in-depth understanding of the pressure points in the label creation process. We realized early on that supply chain issues can be crippling with the power to completely bottleneck production.

We aren’t down for that.

Keeping costs down and creativity up is at the heart of who we are. That’s why in 2010, we purchased a Flexo Press. That gave us the freedom to control everything in-house offering independent printing to our customers and passing along the savings.

Paloma Hans

Going…going…gone digital!

As the brands we worked with started changing and growing, we knew we needed to as well. That’s where expanding to a digital press came in. Going digital gave us flexibility, the ability to provide quick turnaround, and the best part is we can now make changes on the fly.

The brands we partner with are never static, which means we can’t be either. We built our business model around flexibility and backed that up with a young and nimble team that thrives in thinking outside the box. When challenges arise (hey, even a team as sharp as ours faces challenges from time to time), we are quick to adapt and find a solution.

Truth be told, we have a lot of fun in the process. We think that’s what makes our labels stand out. Want in? “Sun” is in the name of our company…together we can make brilliant labels that truly shine.


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With our 10 colour press we are able to satisfy any of your printing needs! Please feel free to drop in or give us a call if you have any questions acquiring your labels. We are always happy to assist.



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